Diagnostic Dental ServicesDIAGNOSTIC DENTISTRY

Our dentist and licensed technicians are trained and educated to identify the signs of oral disease. We provide each of our clients with an examination so that we can create a unique treatment plan for their oral health.


Oral Cancer Screenings
Cavity (Caries) Detection
Periodontal Evaluation/Detection of Disease
Radiographs/Panoramic Radiography
Digital Radiography/Photography
Implant Evaluations
Full Mouth Evaluation
Emergency Toothache/Evaluations

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Restorative dental servicesRESTORATIVE DENTISTRY

Basic Restorative Dentistry involves procedures that help maintain the health of your mouth and focus on the functionality of your smile. We want to educate our patients on the necessary steps they should take to maintain a healthy, beautiful smile.


Conservative Filling Restorations (Tooth-Colored, Non-Mercury)
Crown & Bridge
Implant Restorations
Tooth Fracture Restorations
General Oral Surgery/Extractions
Complete & Partial Denture Fabrication
Reline and Repair of Dentures & Partial Dentures
Laser Therapy

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Preventive dental servicesPREVENTIVE DENTISTRY

Preventive dental care is important when it comes to maintaining and improving your dental hygiene. The components of preventive dentistry include brushing, flossing, a balanced diet, and keeping up with your regular cleanings. Staying on top of your dental health will help prevent gum disease, tooth decay, and more.


Preventive Hygiene Appointments (Available in 3,6,9, and 12-month intervals)
Basic Hygiene (6 or 12-month intervals)
Periodontal Hygiene Appointments (3 or 4-month intervals)
Deep Cleaning & Root Planing
Fluoride Application
Preventive Hygiene Products Available
Oral Cancer Screening (Once a Year)

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Diagnostic Dental ServicesCOSMETIC DENTISTRY

Cosmetic Dentistry involves improving the overall look of your smile, while also maintaining the health and functionality of your teeth. Our goal is to have patient’s leave our office feeling confident and happy with their new smile.


Implant Restoration
Crowns/Bridge (Full Mouth Reconstruction)

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Please print and fill out our new patient forms before coming into your first appointment. If you’re unable to do so please allow for extra time to fill out the form before your appointment.

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